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MarTech 2017 Is Almost Here

May 9th- 11th marks the annual MarTech Conference in San Francisco and we at mCordis and The Connected marketer Institute couldn’t be more excited. Here’s why.

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Serving The Connected Traveler Through and with Mobile

The travel and hospitality industry is enormous, having a massive economic impact globally, annually generating an estimated $6.5 trillion dollars, worldwide.[1] To support industry growth and to serve the traveler enterprises in the travel and hospitality industry brands have often turned to new technologies and services, like online research and booking. However, as much as these online services have shaped the industry in recent years, their impact pales in comparison to the impact mobile is having on the industry.  Mobile is transforming the travel and hospitality industry’s business operations, including sales and marketing, and is forever changing the behaviors and expectations of today’s traveler.

Connected_Traveler.jpgToday’s travelers are constantly connected, in unprecedented ways. In fact, the connected traveler, with just a smartphone in hand, not to mention smartwatches, computers, laptops, eReaders and more has many thousands times more processing power at their disposal, at every stage of their travel journey, than what NASA had at its disposal when it sent Apollo astronauts to the moon and back[2].

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Started with Mobile—Now we’re here

This week, July 27, 2016 in San Francisco, California, I had the pleasure of attending Swrve’s mobile moments event, graciously hosted by their client and partner Microsoft. 

Martin Doettling, Swrve’s CMO, kicked off the afternoon exclaiming how mobile has changed the way we interact, communicate, shop, and ultimately, live. With the introduction of Pokémon GO, mobile has taken on an entirely new dimension, and has now become so prevalent in our lives that we are actually bumping into people who are glued to their phones playing the game. 

Swrve’s Mobile Moments event featured a variety of experts in the mobile field to discuss how mobile has re-shaped and is re-shaping our marketing practices. As well as how new connected technology continues to influence and serve as a catalyst in this evolution of marketing with the common themes of understanding people through data, connecting across devices, managing friction, and being of service to the individuals we serve. 

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What Marketers MUST learn from Brexit.

A cursory glance at mainstream and social media will tell you that a lot of people are still very angry about the Brexit decision. As someone who firmly believes that the failure to communicate effectively lies behind the failure of most human endeavor, I quickly applied this thinking to Brexit also. But made a fundamental mistake the same as many marketers do.

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Embracing Cross-channel Automated Individual Communications

Article first released July 7, 2016 on Watrerfall blog.

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Paid, Earned, & Owned Media – Where Does Mobile Fit In?

First appeared June 23, 2016 on Waterfall blog. 
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mCordis Mobile Insights: An Interview with Adbrain

In this episode of mCordis Mobile and Connected Marketing Insight Series, Michael Becker interviews Ed Chater, CMO of Adbrain. As technology plays a more prominent role in our daily lives, individuals now have multiple connected devices that they interact with on a consistent basis. An individual can interact with a brand on a variety of devices and from a brand's perspective, the brand might incorrectly assume that this is multiple people, when in fact, it is just one person.how_it_works.png

Adbrain solves this problem of customer identity across multiple devices by collecting data to create a customer ID. As individuals continue to increase the number of devices and sensors associated with them, brands will find it more necessary to dig through the clutter of data to understand how consumers are interacting with the brand. Watch the video to find out more about customer identification and building an owned media causeway. 

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The Age of the Consumer Gives Way to The Rise of The Connected Individual

There is another dynamic at work affecting marketing, beyond the highs and lows of media. Forrester refers to this dynamic as The Age of the Consumer[1], the changing basis of market competition. In 2012 Forrester mapped four historical ages of business.

Age of Manufacturing

The first age, from 1900 to 1960, was characterized as the age of manufacturing. In this age companies competed on their ability to manufacture goods and services at scale. Companies would produce vast quantities of products in large plants in order to drive costs to their lowest possible point. This strategy crushed personalization and everyone got the same thing. Supply reigned.  It was at this time Henry Ford famously said “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he/she wants so long as it is black.”

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mCordis Mobile & Connected Marketing Insights: An Interview with XpressBuy

In this episode of the Mobile and Connected Marketing Insight Series Michael Becker speaks with Ryan Helmstetler, the Director of Sales and Marketing at XpressBuy. 75.png

XpressBuy has found a unique solution to driving mobile commerce from other mobile applications such as Instagram, Kik, Facebook Messenger, Whats App, and more. This has reduced the friction in potential buyers going from discovery to transaction. Now users can easily purchase an item they see on these channels with a tap of a finger. 

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Virtual Reality—The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

VR_pic.pngVirtual Reality (VR) has come and hit us by storm. With the Oculus Rift hitting retail stores this year starting at $599, many are asking whether 2016 is the year of Virtual Reality.

There’s no denying that VR is truly a breathtaking innovation and very well could revolutionize the way people live. That being said, this innovation in technology doesn’t come without a few significant barriers to overcome.

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