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Don’t be Afraid to Talk to Your Customers

Paul Berney 18/08/17 00:00

Guest contribution from John Styers, COO @Geomoment

After decades of discussing how to address “the voice of the consumer”, it is surprising how many Brands are not technically or culturally prepared to “talk” to their customers.  Messaging apps now dominate the communication ecosystem, especially for Millennials and GenY, however, Brands have looked at these new channels as a medium for more display/native advertising, hoping for improved Click Through Rates instead of leveraging these communication channels to communicate

The latest Click 2 Text technologies are allowing a single click from display, native or AdWords to drive consumers into an instant one on one text conversation. Gartner recently stated that in 3 short years, only 10% of communication with Brands will be via Voice, so now is the time to develop the internal “Dialog Culture” within the Brands to benefit from this behavioral shift.  Brands who support online Chat already have the necessary infrastructure and, with minor training, are ready to expand their engagement immediately.  Others need to begin developing the internal codes of conduct, create a quick library of approved copy for the most common questions, and empower their employees to have natural conversations with the consumer.

As AI and Bot engagement continues to draw attention, text engagement with the consumer offers Brands an easy point of entry into the world of AI and Bots. While Watson may not be ready to manage the conversations from end to end, utilizing these early technologies to help with “Messaging Triage” is the perfect way to route the engagements to expedite answers.

The benefits are obvious…instant dialog with the consumer, instant campaign performance data with REAL engagement stats, easy access to a captive research audience, drastic engagement cost reductions, fully archived and searchable conversations, build mobile campaign participation, etc.  Implementation can range from a cost effective, simple, SAAS based solution running completely independent from the Brand’s CRM to a full integration.

Today’s Consumers want to “talk” to you…don’t be afraid to jump in the conversation.

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