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The Connected Marketer – what’s in it for you?

Paul Berney 12/08/17 00:00

You could be forgiven for thinking that The Connected Marketer is destined to be just another three letter acronym you are going to have to learn to add to the almost overwhelming sea of them. There is another new approach to something in marketing every other week. Another new technology, tool, technique or solution set to make your day job harder not easier. You may not even have the time to get to the end of this paragraph.

You did? Thank you.

Let me do the inevitable and tell you why you should care. But not until I tell you what hasn’t changed; the fundamentals of marketing. You still need to understand the needs of your target audience. Then try to meet those needs in a mutually beneficial way. You still need to work out what to sell, how, where and for what price. All that marketing 101 stuff is still relevant.

The challenge is that almost everything else has changed. Your target market is now made up of connected individuals with very different needs and wants and expectations. You are no longer just providing a product or service but a total brand experience. Where, how and at what price you sell has been forever altered by digital technologies. Specifically, the internet and the mobile device.

 This is the point of The Connected Marketer. It provides a framework for marketing management. It starts by recognising that we live in the age of the connected individual.

 TCM argues that Connected Brands tie together physical, digital, sensorial and emotional experiences, merging and synchronising them to meet the needs of connected individuals.

 TCM gives you a framework that allows you to add every new technology to what you already have.  To reframe every new technology, model and input in simple terms; “how will this add to the brand experience of the connected individual?”.

 The Connected Marketer started life as a thought leadership positioning from mCordis. Something we used to explain how we deliver our neutral advisory services and education to clients. But is has very quickly developed into something more. Companies that were interested in TCM asked us to find a way to build a community around the ideas and so we created The Connected Marketer Institute.

 The Institute brings together brands and MarTech providers who want to develop the thinking further, make it even more relevant to their businesses, learn from the experience of others and connect with the people and companies who can help execute the ideas successfully.

 The Connected Marketer is a starting point. The community will grow it. You can join that community for free, but you also have the opportunity to get more out of it, faster, by joining as a General, Corporate or Foundation member. All the details are here

So, what’s in it for you?

A simple, easy to communicate framework for managing marketing in the age of the connected individual. A way to maintain the foundations of what marketing is about, but adjust to the new realities of how to execute against those fundamentals.

 In short a way to do your job today better and to future proof it for tomorrow.

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