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Starbucks, Amazon, Thomas Wheeler and Emily McInerney Announced as Winners of the 2017 Connected Marketer Institute Excellence Awards (CMIEs)

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What marketers can learn from WeChat’s pervasiveness in China

mCordis Michael Becker shares his thoughts on mobile messaging platform, WeChat, being China's popular channel for individuals to interact with brands. Read to find out what this could mean for marketing in the next few years. 

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Mobile marketing's recent growing pains promise more seasoned strategies in 2017

mCordis Michael Becker shares his thoughts on mobile marketing in 2016 and what to expect in 2017, originally feature on Marketing Dive. 

marketing_dive_.jpgMobile marketing experienced a few growing pains in 2016 as smartphone innovation stalled, questions arose around the importance of apps and marketers realized that putting customers first — and not grasping at the latest technology or channel — is the key to success.

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Yahoo discloses 2013 hack of 1B accounts: What it means for mobile marketing

mCordis' Michael Becker is interviewed in Mobile Marketer's article on Yahoo’s announcement that it was victim to the largest hack in history is not just an omen for the once-lucrative, now floundering company—according to industry experts, there are lessons to be heeded in digital marketing, as well.

Mobile Marketer Logo.png“Yahoo’s recent announcement on yet another hack many have any number of different impacts to industry and the practice of mobile marketing,” sais Michael Becker, managing partner at mCordis. “It may lead to increased consumer distrust in media and digital services, especially since we’re just learning about the hack nearly three years after the fact; unforeseen externalities on the individual, as individuals are shouldering the burden of these data breaches (for instance, with each data breach they are at greater risk of identity theft, financial and social risk, risks that are/were not recognized or compensated for at the time of receiving free media services); and the collapse of Verizon’s proposed acquisition, which would be unfortunate, as the industry needs to find a way to complete against the Facebook and Google Duopoly.”
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Microsoft makes another attempt at mobile presence it has always longed for

mCordis' Michael Becker is interviewed in Mobile Marketer's article onTechnology giant Microsoft, after weathering a shaky relationship with the mobile platform for years,  collaborating with processor producer Qualcomm to bring Windows 10 to mobile devices.
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mCordis and Waterfall Form The Connected Marketer Institute Cross-Channel Messaging Council

People are increasingly becoming more connected; they’re incorporating a variety of digital devices in their lives including smartphones, computers, connected watches, TVs, refrigerators and more. Moreover, they’re using many different communication channels, including SMS, Email, in-app and browser push notifications, messaging applications and more, to interact with the people and brands around them. 

In order for marketers to effectively connect with and service people, they must learn to embrace cross-channel messaging. The Cross-channel Messaging Council aims to address the lack of definitions, educational programs, best practices, standards and policies to help marketers effectively leverage cross-channel messaging to serve connected individuals, at scale, and on the individual’s terms. 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - (November 15, 2016) - The Connected Marketer Institute (TCM Institute) along with Waterfall, the leading cloud mobile marketing platform, announced today the formation of the TCM Institute Cross-Channel Messaging Council.  

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Marketing To Millennials: ‘Dope’ Takeaways From ‘Just Dance 2017’

 Note: This article was originally featured on This is just a sample, to read the entire article, click the link below.

CMO_logo.pngI’ve mentioned it before in previous articles, and it’s worth saying again: The Millennial generation is the broadest, biggest, and most culturally diverse generation yet. Falling between the ages of 16 to 35, Millennials are at that stage where they are actively purchasing products, making them a key demographic for marketers to pay attention to. In fact, in just four years, Millennial expenditure will account for 30% of all retail sales in the United States.

But given that a teenage Millennial’s interests are much different than that of a 30-something Millennial, identifying a “one-size-fits-all” marketing technique to appeal to all ages in this generation is a quixotic task. Still, a few general themes seem to appeal to the broad generation as a whole—and the marketing team of Ubisoft’s “Just Dance 2017” video game may have figured them out. (Note: I have no affiliation with the company. As both a Millennial and a marketer, I was impressed and wanted to learn more.)

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Millennial Max: Future Of Marketing Has This Millennial ‘Ecstatic And Terrified’


CMO_logo.pngRemember the scene in the “Minority Report” where Tom Cruise walks through a mall and, via facial recognition and retina scans, is targeted with ads designed specifically for him? This sci-fi fantasy may not be as far-fetched as we thought.  

In light of October being National Cyber Security Awareness Month, I spoke with a few experts on the topic of data privacy and how it affects marketing. Our discussions led to speculation about what marketing might be like in the next 10 to 20 years. I was left feeling both ecstatic and terrified because I have stakes on both sides as both a marketer and a Millennial—a key marketing prospect in the years to come.

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Inside Chanel delves into history of its camellia love affair

French atelier Chanel walks viewers through the history of the brand’s relationship to the camellia flower from the perspective of the flower itself for its latest Inside Chanel video installment.


The fashion label has a long-term relationship with the beautiful scentless flower, and is painting a beautiful picture of its history for its more recent film. Inside Chanel details a variety of historic moments and chronicles Chanel’s past, supporting a stronger relationship with fans.

mCordis' Michael Becker explains how Chanel's use of storytelling is inherent in great marketing, as it captures the viewers' attention and keeps them interested for an extended duration to hear the entire brand message. 

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MobileBeyond: Michael Becker Connected Marketer Institute Podcast

Michael Becker interviewed by MobileBeyond's Brian Prows. 

michael-becker.gifAs I spoke with Michael Becker, co-founder of mCordis and The Connected Marketer Institute, it reminded me of our first podcast interview over five years ago. Then we talked about mobile marketing and powerful new wireless devices that would forever change human communications.

He said “‘…mobile is the foundation of all communications going forward”–whatever the mobile device, for personal use or commerce. He [spoke] of the ‘untethered engagement’ as the central focus of one-on-one relationship marketing with mobile phone consumers.”

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