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In the past three years surveys by Adobe, MIT & CAP Gemini and others have pointed to the lack of digital skills among marketers as being a major barrier to brand growth. Those studies indicate that very few marketers receive any formal training in digital marketing. At the same time the number of technologies and solution available to deliver digital marketing has increased massively. It can seem like an impossible task to keep up to date with what is available, yet alone master it. You need to take action though, because the pace of change will not slow down. You need to make a life long commitment to learning.

mCordis online learning can help marketers meet the need for learning by giving you access to a series of courses focussed on key digital skills. Each course offers an introduction to a topic written from the perspective of marketers. The courses are built around the need for marketers to lear at their own pace and at a time and location of theor choosing. Each course is boken down into a series of short modules of no more than 8 minutes and can be accessed on desktop or mobile decives. This micro-learning puts you in control of your learning.

Courses Available

Mobile Marketing Fundamentals (via

An introduction to Native Apps (via Clearslide)

Emoji's and the Future of Visual Marketing  (via Clearslide)

Essential Mobile Marketing (coming in December)