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The mCordis' accredited professional qualification in Mobile Marketing, in partnership with The Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing (IDM), is an intimate, in-person, two day course to introduce participants to all things mobile marketing.course-baner.jpg

Participants in the course will receive:

  • a comprehensive understanding of
    mobile marketing
  • a review of industry leading trends
  • a review of leading best practices, case studies, reports
  • opportunity to join in individual and group exercises
  • an overview of current and proposed regulations and laws affecting mobile marketing from around globe
  • an intimate and interactive 1:1 learning environment
  • the basic skills needed to apply a variety of mobile marketing strategies and techniques in their own business
  • an opportunity to take the course assessment test and become an IDM accredited
    mobile marketer

*See the 2016 course schedule to register for the city near you*


Participants must successfully pass the online assessment within one month of completing the two-day program.


No prior knowledge of mobile marketing is required, although it is anticipated that attendees will be experienced marketers with an understanding of the marketing mix and will have responsibility for formulating and executing marketing plans.

For any questions or seat reservations, please use the "Notes" box below. Thank you.